Our Vision:

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms is committed to being the innovative market leader by providing quality products and excellent services to our customers. We are dedicated to providing a safe and positive work environment with the goal of instilling pride and ownership in our employees.

For more than 70 years, families have started a brand new day with delicious, nutritious Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms milks, creams, and juices. From humble beginnings on a small family farm in Lansdale Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley is committed to bringing you the very finest, very freshest products. Each day, we still gather our delicious milk from proud dairy farmers across Pennsylvania. Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms has grown over the years, but we remain true to our small farm roots. And we look forward to many more years of growing with you and your family each brand new day.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania Production Facility

LansdaleIn addition to serving as Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms' corporate headquarters, the Lansdale facility is home to more than 360 dedicated dairy operations workers, sales and merchandising personnel, and delivery drivers. Dedicated employees here continue to provide the finest quality dairy products to communities throughout the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and West Virginia markets.

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania Production Facility

Schuylkill HavenThe Schuylkill facility serves as the customer service center for the entire Lehigh Valley Dairies organization. The facility employs 145 dedicated workers, including plant operators, delivery drivers and office staff. In addition to quality milk products, the Schuylkill facility produces orange juice, iced teas and flavored drink beverages. Products from this facility reach Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms customers throughout the Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey markets.

Allentown, Pennsylvania Distribution Center

AllentownThe Allentown distribution center employs 29 Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms workers, who service small supermarkets, convenience stores, neighborhood markets, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, schools and chain stores across eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.

Harrington, Delaware Distribution Center

HarringtonMany of the original Hi-Grade Dairy employees of Harrington, Delaware still work for Lehigh Valley and continue to service a loyal customer base of small country stores, independent stores, schools, hospitals, chain stores and grocery stores.

Wildwood, New Jersey Distribution Center

WildwoodOperating out of the original facility and with 11 dedicated employees, the Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms' Wildwood distribution center services chain stores, hospitals, and nursing homes. Its expanded delivery area serves as far as Pennsville, Hammonton, Vineland, and Millville, New Jersey.

Quality Assurance

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms mission is to consistently deliver safe and wholesome products to our valued customers. To meet this objective we have developed programs and policies that focus on the safety and quality of our products. At each of our manufacturing facilities we use a food safety system call Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). HACCP is a scientific, systematic approach that assesses potential food safety issues across the food chain, from procurement and handling of raw materials, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. HACCP establishes preventive measures to keep out potential food hazards and focuses on effective recordkeeping to demonstrate a continual commitment to food safety. Additionally, we apply what are known as Good Manufacturing Practices, which are requirements that ensure foods are produced under clean and sanitary conditions.

Food Allergens

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms commitment to food safety also addresses the issue of food allergens. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized egg, milk, peanuts, fish, crustacea, soy, tree nuts, and wheat as the eight most common allergens that can cause serious allergic reactions in some individuals. We consider all possible sources of the eight most common allergens from procurement of ingredients throughout our manufacturing process, and when present in our products, we declare these ingredients on the product label.

Most of our production lines are used to produce multiple products. Because some allergic consumers may be sensitive to small amounts of the allergenic protein, we understand their concern about the potential carryover of an allergen between products that are manufactured on shared equipment. At Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms, we have stringent equipment cleaning procedures and product changeover practices to prevent allergen cross-contamination.


We comply with regulations that mandate labeling of ingredients, including any allergenic ingredients. We also include trans fat content on the labels of our products as required by a recent FDA regulation. All of our milk, cream and orange juice products have a declaration of zero grams trans fat per 8 fl oz serving. We have a labeling specialist on staff that can answer specific questions.


Our Grade "A" dairy operations are inspected by state regulatory agencies on a quarterly basis. Juice operations are inspected by FDA or state regulatory on an annual basis to assure compliance with FDA's Juice HACCP regulation. In addition to regulatory inspections, each manufacturing location is audited twice a year by an accredited third party audit firm. These audits provide an objective assessment of the facilities compliance with our quality, food safety and security policies. The audit process helps us maintain high standards for quality.


Security has become a priority in the food industry. The security of our employees, facilities and products is critical to our business. We require security measures not only at our manufacturing locations but also at our suppliers and distribution points. Measures include employee checks, visitor controls, and facility checks conducted at specific frequencies.

Commitment to the Environment

At Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms, we are also mindful of the environment. We recycle our plastic bottles. We purchase trucks for maximum fuel efficiency, and recycle truck oil by burning it for heat in our garage. Our trucks are also shut off at every stop, reducing exhaust. We shred our paper, saving hundreds of trees each year. In addition, we recycle all used cell phones, by donating them for re-use by a local battered women's shelter. For additional information on food safety, please visit the Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE) www.fightbac.org.