Same Pure Milk Inside

At Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms, we strive to provide our consumers with the most delicious, nutritious milk possible. That's why we've created the new white PureProtect® bottle to protect your milk from harmful light that can compromise both taste and nutrition.

All light – both natural sunlight and artificial light from your grocer's dairy case – can degrade the taste and nutrition of milk.

Off-flavors in milk as well as the loss of vitamin A can result in as little as two hours of light exposure.

A gallon of milk is in the dairy case for an average of eight hours so it is important to use a bottle that creates a barrier to light exposure.

Researchers from Cornell University have validated that milk packaged in light-blocking, opaque bottles such as PureProtect® retain its nutritional value and tastes better. To read the full Cornell Study, click here.

The PureProtect® bottle is made from white-pigmented plastic which creates a sufficient light barrier.